Habits and Addictions; You Don’t Know Why You’re Hooked.

Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV on Pexels.com

Whether it’s that daily sip of wine, or being around your favorite person all the time, addictions are a trademark of human society. I mean, the whole basis of consumerism is dependent on it. We are an addictive species, we attach and cling to things and begin thinking that they are the reason we feel… Continue reading Habits and Addictions; You Don’t Know Why You’re Hooked.

How to End Suffering

The only reason suffering exists is because there is a misunderstanding on what it actually is. Many believe that suffering is inevitable and that it cannot be avoided. But the enlightened masters told us otherwise. Here I channel Intelligent Infinity to crack the case.

Welcome to…Da Blog

Hey. Welcome to my blog. I will skip the formalities and just say you will have a variety of content posted. No schedule, just raw and inspired. I also want to include some lyric breakdowns of little tunes I have written, for anyone who is trying to understand them. Sometimes songs and poetry is a… Continue reading Welcome to…Da Blog