Session Info & FAQs

There are a few conditions that are required in order to be eligible for a QHHT or Online Hypnosis session.

You must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have adequate ability to hear (for the hypnosis)
  • Be able to speak English fluently
  • Be clear of any serious psychological disorders, such as schizophrenia and/or extreme personality disorders.

If you have any questions about these conditions, or feel you could be exempt despite not meeting a condition, please contact me and we can discuss what is possible.

Frequently Asked Questions – Hypnosis

Will I be aware while under hypnosis?

Yes. There is a level of awareness that you will have, even in the deepest state of trance. Hypnosis is not anesthesia. You will be answering my questions for the entirety of the hypnosis, so there has to be someone there to hear my questions and respond. You will likely remember the entirety of the session during and after it happens.

What if you can’t be hypnotized?

Everyone can be hypnotized. The state of trance you go into is a natural state of trance, occurring twice daily, when you wake up, and when you are falling asleep. Everyone is capable, the only thing that could cause it to not work is your own will against it. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, meaning it is your choice to go into this state. There is no mind-control happening, it is all by your will.

What is it like talking to The Subconscious/Higher Self?

Some people don’t remember The Subconscious speaking during the hypnosis at all. Others are aware of it, but say it feels like they are sitting on the side just observing what is happening. Typically, The Subconscious feels very much like you, but the information that comes forward is much more profound and thoughtful than you would typically be used to.

Many have the misconception that The Subconscious is another entity that is sperate from them, and so it will feel and sound like another “being” is speaking through them. This is not the case. The Subconscious is your own consciousness, in a higher evolved form. Usually clients feel much more empowered when this force speaks, as it is of pure love, and is who you are in essence!

Will the session be recorded?

Yes! The audio from our session is sent to you promptly after our session has finished. This is yours to keep and listen to! The more you listen to it, the more the messages and results are reinforced for you. Some even receive other information from listening to the recording. So keep it on you! It is so valuable 🙂

What sort of questions do I ask to The Subconscious/Higher Self?

Any questions you want regarding your life! I encourage you to take your time to contemplate what sort of questions you would ask, if it was possible to receive the asnwer. Some categories can be life purpose, relationships, career, past lives, dreams, and so much more.

Where are you located?

QHHT sessions are done in clients home, within and around the Edmonton Area in Alberta, Canada.

Do you travel for sessions?

I am willing to travel, yes! Fees will apply. Please contact me if you are looking to set up a session of this manner.

How much is a Past Life Regression session?
  • QHHT is $250 CAD including a non-refundable $50 deposit.
  • Online Hypnosis is currently half-off! $125 CAD including a non-refundable $25 deposit.

Expectations of a Session

Leave them at the door! Our session is being divinely guided by The Higher Self. Therefore, I can not tell you what will happen, because each session is unique and individual. The less expectations you have, the better!

Intend for a wonderful outcome

Be open-minded to the possibilities! Remember, we as humans really have no idea how the world works. And that truth does not have to be scary! One of the purposes of these sessions is to try to understand our own world just a bit more, and in that way, anything you learn would be very beneficial. So, keep your mind open and intend for a wonderful session.

Are you ready to be free and connect to your Highest Self? If you said yes…