Past Life Regression

Discover who you are… and who you used to be.

Your Past Lives can reveal unique traits about who you are, based on what you have experienced as a soul.

This can provide clarity and understanding for you in your current life, and even healing for physical and/or mental symptoms.

Past Lives
Altered States

How does it work?

Using hypnosis, of course!

Using deep states of trance, we are able to access higher states of consciousness, which allows us access to information regarding past lives, and current life.

The ‘Theta’ state.

We are constantly shifting into different states of consciousness during our day. This has been measured using brain scans that compares the different frequencies our brain lets off based on the different activities we are engaged in.

For example, when you are alert and focused, your brain lets off a frequency known as ‘beta waves,’ and this is our normal, wakeful state that we usually operate in. But when you are relaxed, like when you’re watching movie, your brain produces ‘alpha waves,’ which signifies mental and physical relaxation. 

In hypnosis, we are operate in the ‘theta waves’ frequency, otherwise known for light sleep, deep meditation, and enhanced imagery, which usually results in dreams

In this state, you experience deeper levels of consciousness, which is how we access information about your past lives while in hypnosis.

Somnambulistic state

This state of ‘theta’ is natural to everyone, since we all go to sleep at night and pass through this state. This means the hypnotic state is available for anyone to access!

Two Unique Methods, One Beautiful Purpose.

Dolores Cannon QHHT
Creator of QHHT, Dolores Cannon.


A tried and true past life regression technique that explores one or more past lives, and connects you to the source of all knowledge, or what Dolores calls, ‘The Subconscious,’ to ask any questions about your life. The possibilities are endless with QHHT®, you will not be disappointed with this beautiful method!

Past Life Regression Zoom
Past Life Hypnosis is an online service, hosted via Zoom

Past Life Hypnosis

Curated for online use, Past Life Hypnosis is similar to QHHT® in its function, but unique in its method. You will experience your past life, as well as communicate with ‘The Higher Self,’ to receive clarity and guidance. In deeper levels of trance, you have the opportunity to explore so many things!

It’s time to remember what you came here to do! “

-Dolores Cannon

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