Past Life Hypnosis

Have you ever had any of these questions?

  • Why am I here? What is my purpose?
  • Have I ever lived on Earth before?
  • What are my past lives?
  • Who do I have soul contracts with?
  • Do I have any Karma?
  • Why have I always felt like an outcast?
  • Am I on the right path in life?
  • Where is my life going?
  • Do I have any blockages?
  • Am I healthy? Are my chakras aligned and balanced?
  • How can I experience more abundance in my life?
  • Who is the best person for me?

If you have, then Past Life Hypnosis can help!

Find answers to your life’s biggest questions, and receive healing for a variety of symptoms.

Inspired by the work of Dolores Cannon,

Past Life Hypnosis is an adaption of Dolores’ QHHT®.

These sessions follow a similar structure to a QHHT® session, but utilize a different technique.

How it Works

Using hypnosis, you will be guided into a very relaxed state, where we are able to access higher parts of your own consciousness.

This state is known for causing vivid imagery, enhanced visualization, and forms majority of our dreams at night.

In this state, our conscious mind goes away for a while, allowing intelligent information to come forward for us to explore.

Asia Johnston The Quantum Canadian
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I act as a Facilitator for the hypnosis, guiding you through the experience by questioning what you are feeling and what you are seeing. I am also monitoring you to ensure you are comfortable and feel absolutely safe and relaxed for the entire experience.

In this state, a scene will arise, most commonly a past life, which we will then explore fully through my asking of questions.

After fully exploring the past life, I will connect you to “The Higher Self” so we may ask your questions.

By connecting to this force, we are able to receive answers to nearly any question. Learn about The Higher Self here.

Higher Consciousness

I ask all clients to bring a list of questions to their session, anything that they want to know about their life, and are seeking clarity on.

These will be asked to The Higher Self during the hypnosis. We will also ask for healing at this point, if needed. The reasons for the symptom or illness is revealed by The Higher Self, and this allows for healing to take place instantly.

The potentials of online hypnosis are limitless; in deep levels of consciousness, you have the ability to discover so many things!

Session Details & Requirements

  • Sessions range from 3-5 hours in length.
  • You will need a computer (not a phone) with a webcam, as well as headphones with a microphone. You will be wearing this during hypnosis. This is a requirement.****
  • You will require the video conferencing program ‘Zoom‘ in order to complete the session online. It is free to download.
  • You should plan for a space that is private, with no distractions for the day of your hypnosis. A bedroom is the best bet.

In addition, please read the necessary requirements listed on the Session Info page.


$250 CAD** paid upfront on booking.

**Please note: Price change coming into effect Feb 1st, 2022.

Got more questions? Visit the FAQs page here.