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Welcome! Here you will find a variety of posts on Spiritual Awakening, Soul Growth, Past Life Regression information, and Stories from Sessions!

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Written by Asia.

The information is what she calls “divinely channeled,” coming through her consciousness to be shared with the world. She loves to write about philosophical topics and concepts, with focus on spirituality and the art of self-healing and self-discovery. She is also a certified Hypnotist, and assists others using various methods in one-on-one sessions. Read more about Asia Here.

  • 5 Signs your Past Lives are communicating to you
    These are 5 common signs that your past lives have information for you to explore. It’s not mandatory that you act on these signs, but they are there, whether you choose to act or not.
  • Always caught up in worry? Read This.
    We are in a pivotal time in history, and the weight of that is surely having an effect on everyone. Let’s talk about how to deal with that.

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