Everything you seek is Within

This week’s reminder explained with your “Wallpaper of the Week”

This week’s Wallpaper of the Week

So this week, the reminder is “Everything you seek is already within.”

And this applies mostly when we are seeking or desiring something when we aren’t feeling totally aligned.

When we desire anything from that place, whether it’s as simple as sweets, or more complex like a person’s company or attention, what we are truly seeking is some sort of fulfillment. 

It’s more than just “wanting another piece of cake,” it’s wanting a sense of wholeness, a “good” feeling, as though that piece of cake will provide that for us. 

That’s not to say it isn’t pleasurable to have that piece of cake, but the truth is, the feeling doesn’t last, and we usually end up with the same sense of unfulfilment that we had from the start. 

That’s because our external world can’t provide us with that feeling. It can only come from a shift in our own beliefs.

Our beliefs are what hold us back from feeling whole. The belief that “this thing/outcome” will bring me “this feeling of happiness/peace/love/ etc.” keeps us in an endless loop of seeking externally.

So herein lies this reminders role.

The wallpaper looks great on your computer homescreen!

If what we seek is a feeling of fulfillment, in whatever way we have defined that, and if our thoughts and beliefs can create our feelings, then that means the power to feel fulfilled is in our own hands.

Everything we seek is already within.

Because what we are seeking, is a feeling. Which can be created from our own will, through our thoughts and beliefs.

Think about it, even if that piece of cake does leave you feeling fulfilled, that’s only because you have given it the power to do that in your own mind. You could easily feel unsatisfied and seek another slice, but in your mind, one slice is just enough to make you feel satisfied.

So, if you’re battling with a craving or reoccurring desire, remember that it’s only showing up because it has worked for you in the past. It is just a thought, and has nothing to do with you. 

Instead, question the desire, what does that outcome have that you don’t already have? What is the feeling that you get from that outcome that you want? 

Then, to feel that feeling now, by aligning your thoughts, and beliefs. Remembering that you are complete right here and right now, as you are.

Did this resonate? Let me know if it did! I appreciate your feedback 😄

This is something I remind myself of all the time, and I have no shame in that! I am happy to share it with others like you 🙂

Thanks for reading, and have a Happy Hump Day! 🐪💜✨

By The Quantum Canadian

Hi! My name is Asia. My passion is to help others discover their true infinite worth and potential, through my many mediums of assistance. I offer private one-on-one sessions using Past Life Hypnosis, which is offered both online and in-person. I also release wallpapers every week with a helpful reminder/affirmation for your own spiritual journey. Feel free to use! You can find me on my site, or any social medias at The Quantum Canadian. Hope to hear from you soon! 💕

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