ॐ Daily Creed ॐ


May I accept what Is, and what Is not,
And be-come aware of all that is thought.

May I love all things, as I love myself,
And re-side not, in the Hell I once dwelt.

May I be in this moment, and call it my home,
And allow all illusions, to be-come the atoned.

For this is My Way, My Truth, and My Life,
Here I declare it, And Here I am right.


By The Quantum Canadian

Hi! My name is Asia. My passion is to help others discover their true infinite worth and potential. I offer one-on-one sessions using Past Life Hypnosis, and also host Spiritual Inquiry sessions, to help you discover your own blocks in receiving what you want from life. You can find me on my site, or any social medias at The Quantum Canadian. Hope to hear from you soon! 💕

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