We are infinite souls having a temporary human experience…

But, we forgot. So here we are trying to remember.

Discover the essence of who you really are, and who you have been, with Past Life Regression
Dolores Cannon (1931-2014)


This is a tried and true technique used to discover your past lives using hypnosis, and reconnect with Spirit. Created by world renowned hypnotherapist and author, Dolores Cannon, QHHT is known for its life-changing results, making it a great option for spiritual seekers.

Past Life Hypnosis

Similiar to QHHT*, this session offers you the opportunity to visit one or more of your past lives, and receive clarity and guidance by connecting to your Higher Self. This technique is available in an online format, making it easy and accessible for anyone to try.

*however not the same technique as QHHT.

Spiritual and Life Coaching

You don’t need to be hypnotized to discover your True Self, coaching is a different oppourtunity for you to receive clarity and guidance on your journey, with no altered states involved!

Meet The Quantum Canadian

“Your friendly neighbourhood Canadian, messing around in the quantum universe.”

Asia is a Certified Level 2 QHHT Practitioner, and Past Life Hypnotist, dedicated to serving humanity.

I’m here to help others realize their own infinite worth and potential. We are not the ideas we have grown up to believe about ourselves…no. We are much greater than that.

Knowing others is Wisdom…

Knowing yourself is Enlightenment.

Lao Tzu

Let’s Rediscover who you are… together.